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The benefits of Portable Gantry Cranes are undeniable when you consider their ability to offer completely customisable solutions for all kinds of material handling. Aluminium Gantries are a popular option, as they are lightweight, quick to assemble and comparatively cost-efficient. They also provide an unmatched level of flexibility.
Operational optimisation
Aluminium Gantries have many applications, especially in terms of the advantages that they offer in load-bearing capacity, portability and height adjustment abilities. At Schillings Hoisting Equipment, we provide our valued customers with premium products, supported by qualified advice as lifting equipment specialists. You will not only have access to the best range of products in the business, but you’ll also get technical knowledge in order to best utilise your new acquisition.
If you are looking for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, then we suggest you choose an Aluminium Portable Gantry Crane. They will be sure to ‘save the day’, on more than one occasion. With a lightweight yet robust construction, these useful pieces of equipment are suitable for work indoors and outdoors. To put it simply, portable cranes can easily go where other forms of lifting equipment cannot!
Unparalleled versatility
Portable cranes can be used just about anywhere. They can be maneuvered around obstacles, fit through tight spaces, be placed on uneven surfaces (due to the lateral stands being individually adjustable) and can effortlessly be moved from one workstation to the next. No job is too difficult when you have one of these mighty pieces of equipment at your disposal! The sky really is the limit when you consider all the potential customisations of height, span, and tread offered on a standard Aluminium Portable Gantry Crane.
The specifications of an Aluminium Gantry are completely adjustable, making them the ‘transformers’ of the material handling world. You can easily alter the existing structure to accommodate any lifting and hoisting task or requirement. Attachments are also available, such as single A-frame legs, wall mounted I-beams and a series of wheel options. If superior adaptability is what you’re looking for – you cannot go past an Aluminium Portable Gantry Crane. And, at Schillings we stand by that.
Quality assurance
At Schillings, we stock only the tried and trusted names in Aluminium Gantries. With 25 years of reputable service and quality, you wouldn’t expect anything less. Our experienced staff are based in our facilities across Australia and also distributed via our international affiliates.
We stock two of the leading Portable Gantry Crane brands:
Schilling Portable Aluminium Gantry Cranes
·      Quick to assemble and produced from only the highest-grade of materials
·      Equipped with collapsible lateral stands, integrated horizontal adjuster, unique park-brake trolley and with aluminium beams fitted in individual lengths. Available ex-stock or on short notice.
Feltes Portable Aluminium Gantry Cranes
·      Produced to industry-leading German design standards and specifications
·      Striking a fine balance between portability, ease-of-use and load-bearing capacity.
Extensive benefits
Aluminium Portable Gantry Cranes are endlessly beneficial on a worksite, being limited only by professional expertise and know-how. When you put your trust in Schillings and our reputable manufacturers, your equipment will continue to function as a prime investment long after purchase. Paired with the professional service provided by our knowledgeable team, your business will be positioned perfectly to reap the rewards of efficient and safe practices in all lifting and hoisting endeavours.
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